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Lizzo Serves Up Some Fresh-Pressed, '80s-Inspired 'Juice'

Maybe you need a little bit of juice to get your New Year's resolutions going. If that's the case, Lizzo has just the thing. The Minneapolis rapper/flutist/meme legend continues her winning streak of sing-songy, funk-heavy rap with her latest single "Juice" and yet another meme-worthy music video to match.

In the Quinn Wilson-directed visual, Lizzo takes cues from assorted bits of '80s nostalgia — Jane Fonda workout tapes, Soul Glo commercials from Coming to America, QVC infomercials — and shades them with her singular, life-affirming zeal. But unlike, say, the time-warped reminiscing of Charli XCX and Troye Sivan, Lizzo finds a way to dust some modern-day magic into the otherwise-retro video. She pays a small nod to ASMR queen Spirit Payton, better known on YouTube as ASMRTheChew.

Keeping with the infomercial theme, the end of the video directs the viewer to, which leads to a cartooned microsite housing all of Lizzo's awesome visuals to date, and says to allow three to six weeks for delivery. Is this a timeline for Lizzo's 2019 domination?

"The juice ain't worth the squeeze if the juice don't look like this," Lizzo sings in the second verse. If we can muster up even a few drops of her fresh-squeezed, self-loving braggadocio to carry us all the way through the year, we should be all right.

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