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Nilüfer Yanya's New Song Gets 'In Your Head,' And That's Just The Beginning

Nilüfer Yanya, the London-bred purveyor of glossy neo-soul guitar-rock who gained attention with last year's Do You Like Pain? EP, has returned with "In Your Head," an infectious earworm from Miss Universe, a debut full-length due in March.

The pulsating single offsets Yanya's thoughts of paranoia — "I've hit bottom rock, swear I'm telling the truth / But down here I'm dark and confused" — with driving bass, shimmering synths and soaring vocals. The song feels like a moment of clarity for the singer; a bold and ultimately optimistic statement of self-reliance.

The Molly Daniel-directed video, a sugary-sweet montage of Yanya wandering around various locations in and around the Las Vegas strip and the outskirts of the Mojave Desert, unfolds like a gorgeous, pastel-hued daydream. This spring, the songwriter will support Sharon Van Etten's North American tour.

Miss Universe comes out March 22 via ATO.

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