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Watch The Dizzying Animated Music Video For Mitski's 'A Pearl'

Mitski's recent music videos have an auteurist bent: the Björk-like solitude of "Geyser"; the house-of-horrors surrealism of "Nobody." The video for her latest single from Be the Cowboy, "A Pearl," continues this tradition: It features over 1400 individual frames that were illustrated and painted by hand.

A collaboration with Spotify and Art Camp, the animated visual is, at once, arresting and dizzying. It finds a faceless protagonist running her way through the M.C. Escher-like staircase of a funhouse. There's a lovely sequence when the guitar solo rips that finds our protagonist in total free-fall, only to find herself back at the beginning. It's a visual delight that matches the song's circuitous tension.

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