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Kevin Morby Explores The Contours Of Youth, Finds 'Nothing Sacred/All Things Wild'

The limits of childhood contemplation are seemingly boundless; before our eyes are opened to much of the world's bitter cynicism, thought is only restricted by the realm of our own imagination.

In a new song and its accompanying video, "Nothing Sacred/All Things Wild," the songwriter Kevin Morby explores apparitions of youth and the ephemeral reality of nature. The Christopher Good-directed video is a lush, Guillermo del Toro-like portrait, gorgeously blending the lines of fantasy and the perceivable world. We watch as small children plant and nurture their own seedlings, oblivious to the parallels between the sprouts' life cycles and their own. Morby observes from a distance, a fly on the wall filled with wonder.

This spring, Morby is set to release Oh My God, an ambitious double-LP that follows 2017's City Music. In a statement about the Sam Cohen-produced track, Morby shared: "'Nothing Sacred' was the moment that Sam [Cohen] and I stumbled into what would become the sonic landscape of Oh My God by breaking the songs down to their parts and doing away with a conventional band."

Oh My God is available April 26 on Dead Oceans.

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