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Folk Duo Olden Yolk Embrace Change In 'Cotton & Cane'

Each year, it seems that the first balmy days of spring possess a surreal magic: As new growth emerges in the physical world, our internal processes seem to renew as well, pointing us forward. In the new song "Cotton & Cane" and in the track's colorful video, psychedelic folk duo Olden Yolk use nostalgia as a road-map for the future. Through layers of warm harmonies, spirited drum fills and bright guitar riffs, Shane Butler and multi-instrumentalist Caity Shaffer craft a kaleidoscopic world that steadily builds on its own momentum, landing somewhere between Laurel Canyon lyricism and Real Estate's shimmering dream-pop.

"At the time we started writing 'Cotton & Cane,' Shane was thinking about his relationship with his father, and the lyrics of the song started to take on the tone of a conversation between them," the duo shared in a statement about the song. "Less than a week before we went into the studio, Shane's father passed away, and the song's meaning began to unfold completely; the confusion, the awe, the complex picture of his entire life. For us it was a space to reflect on all that had happened over the year and all that we were moving towards."

Living Theatre is out May 17 on Trouble In Mind Records.

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