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Mega Bog Shares Gorgeous New Single 'Diary Of A Rose'

Jesse DeFrancesco
Courtesy of the artist

Recording as Mega Bog for the past decade, multi-instrumentalist Erin Birgy creates prismatic avant-pop that balances warbling melodies with unexpected bursts of frenetic energy. For the forthcoming Dolphine, "Diary Of A Rose" is a lush representation of Birgy's ability to evoke warmth and nostalgia while keeping her gaze to the future. The album was recorded and mixed by James Krivchenia of Big Thief.

In a statement to NPR, Birgy shares that the track "is a collage of images, melodies, and notions inspired by family, friends, and ancestors, created in a moment where, to be near any of them, I had to call to them from inside. The song was born in a moment free of time, all at once was all my love, recognizing the mystical power we all have to help each other live forever, and let it go again."

Dolphine is available June 28 via Paradise of Bachelors.

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