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Dixie Chicks Announce First Album In 14 Years, 'Gaslighter,' Share Title Track

Yes, Dixie Chicks, this is the energy we need in 2020.
Philippa Price
Courtesy of the artist
Yes, Dixie Chicks, this is the energy we need in 2020.

Donning floral gasmasks and brandishing liberty torches against an apocalyptic, ombré pink landscape, Natalie Maines, Emily Strayer and Martie Maguire look ready for battle. And that's just the promotional photo.

Dixie Chicks has never left our consciousness. The trio's collaborated with Beyoncé, sold out stadiums, has been covered by young indie-rock artists and recently took Taylor Swift back to her roots. They are "heroes to a whole generation of country listeners and artists," NPR Music's Ann Powers told All Things Considered in January, but they haven't released a studio album in 14 years.

Co-produced by the band and Jack Antonoff — who have all teased the album for the past two years on social media — Gaslighter will, finally, come out May 1 via Columbia Records.

The powerful title track, out today with a video directed by Seanne Farmer, will stir the hearts of Dixie Chicks fans with the trio's rumbling harmonies. "Gaslighter, I'm your mirror / Standing right here until you can see how / You broke me / Yeah, I'm broken," Maines sings in a reflective section until, in perfect Maines fashion, she explodes with defiant rage: "You're still sorry and there's still no apology."

Dixie Chicks 2020 — y'all, we're ready.

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Corrected: March 4, 2020 at 12:00 AM EST
This article originally referred to Emily Strayer by a previous surname.
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